Product FAQS

Black Seed Oil has a distinct, bitter taste that can be difficult for some people to tolerate. Therefore, Gummies are a convenient and tasty way of consuming Black Seed Oil instead. In addition, gummies are easier to digest compared to Black Seed Oil.

Yes, our gummies are vegan made and are Halal.

Our gummies Contains 2% naturally occurred thymoquinone from Black Seed Oil. Each serving is 1500mg.

We currently only offer Raspberry flavour, but more flavour options will be added in the future.

60 gummies per bottle, with serving size of two per days.


We provide free shipping on all UK orders. You will have to pay for international shipping. However, if you spend more than £35 then international shipping is free.

2-3 working days after dispatch.

We provide you with a tracking number every time your order is processed.


Yes, you can contact us via our website. Just click on ‘Contact Us’ above.

Yes, we have a subscription service, with orders 20% off.

We have an option for you to leave a review on our site.